A Reality Check on AV Economics

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick once called automated vehicle (AV) adoption "existential" for the ridehailing company. Even after his ouster, the firm hasn't changed course on this core position. The reason? An assumption that automated vehicles will produce substantially lower operations costs for TNCs. But this assumption badly needs a reality check. AVs will not significantly reduce… Continue reading A Reality Check on AV Economics

A Shared-Use Mobility Hub for Atlanta?

Atlanta's Midtown Alliance (Midtown's community improvement district) recently released an RFP for a "complete streets" project on 5th Street. Most of the enhancements outlined in the project are cosmetic, though there are a couple blocks where new bike lanes will be installed. I'd like to see a grander vision for the project, where Atlanta capitalizes on… Continue reading A Shared-Use Mobility Hub for Atlanta?

Do past innovations offer the roadmap to our driverless future?

For the past couple of years, I've considered appropriate parallels to the rollout of automated vehicles (AVs), so I can better frame how the technology may evolve and scale. Of course no analogue will be perfect, but qualitative comparisons can balance a strictly data-driven measure of economic factors. I've seen several different technologies proffered, with… Continue reading Do past innovations offer the roadmap to our driverless future?

Welcome to Machine Visions

Hello there! My name is Nathaniel Horadam, and I'm wrapping up my final semester in Georgia Tech's City and Regional Planning Master's program. For the past year and a half, I've studied transportation planning to better understand how municipalities can leverage automated vehicle (AV) technologies to best serve their citizens, and how developers and operators… Continue reading Welcome to Machine Visions