My 2021 in review (and 2022 preview)

While 2021 wasn't quite the rollercoaster we all endured in 2020, it certainly featured its own ups and downs. So like I did in 2019, I've assembled my highlights (albeit not before year's end). Electrify all the buses In late 2020, Senators Chuck Schumer and Sherrod Brown approached CTE (my employer), with a big ask… Continue reading My 2021 in review (and 2022 preview)

Sharing is Not Caring: Reassessing Shared Mobility

Over the past several years, city planners, public officials, and car opponents have bought uncritically into a vision of shared mobility peddled by venture-backed Silicon Valley firms and free-market advocates. With transit agencies struggling to modernize, environmental stakes rising, and techno-optimism drowning out sober consideration of impacts from mobility services, we need to reassess our… Continue reading Sharing is Not Caring: Reassessing Shared Mobility